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Why Should You As An Employer Be Concerned About Blogs?

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  • Why Should You As An Employer Be Concerned About Blogs?

    Blogging. It sounds like something that only geeks could love. Yet, blogging is now being done by geeks and non-techies alike. This could and should concern you as an employer because blogs have the grave potential to threaten your business as well as your business image and reputation.

    Blogs, which is a common term for Internet Web Logs, are being used commonly and frequently by individuals to post information ranging from news and opinions, gossip and photos about businesses. Often, blogs have the air and appearance of professional online journals.

    Blogs have become more and more popular because of their simple ease of creation and use. Internet Web Logs have been around for some time. But as is often the case in the world of computers "ease of use" is everything. Anyone at no or little cost can set up and post on Blogs of their choice.

    Blogs provide their blogger's audiences as large and diverse as the Internet itself. That is why we are witnessing journalists, political parties, individuals, organizations and even businesses increasingly embrace blogs to communicate their messages to online audiences.

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    The number of blogs on the Internet ranges widely.

    Blogpulse, a blog authority, indexed the startling count of 50 Million blogs, as of the end of June 2013 while StrokonBlog Research, another blog authority claimed 90 Million blogs counted May 2016.

    Interestingly, and perhaps not surprisingly, blogs are appealing to a younger audience. It has been estimated that 60 % of most bloggers are under 19 years of age. It is very safe to say that blogs will become more relevant to businesses as all these younger bloggers come of age and join the workforce in the coming years.

    Most blogs can be considered quite harmless. In fact, the sign of a progressive business is one that embraces blogs and blogging as an effective means to communicate in an interactive innovative manner. As well blogs can be a most useful tool to conduct market research on trends as well as conduct customer research. Remember the rule that 85 % of your business comes from 15 % of your customers. Blogs can be an inexpensive way to target and interact with that vital 15 % of your customer base.


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      Exactly Blogs are a great way to disseminate information to your customers and clients quickly. They can also be an effective way to communicate with your employees. But there may be some concerns about how to handle blogging by your employees on the company blog or the employee's personal blog.


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        Blogs are essential for professional service firms, it gives then a way of demonstrating their expertise and build trust