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    Good morning, everyone.

    There's no doubt that the economy has had a huge effect on the market at large.

    Even if you believe (as I do) in the power of having a positive mindset, you have to acknowledge the realities that others around you have accepted, without necessarily accepting those realities for yourself.

    If all you see around you is hardship, you won't have the mental agility to find opportunity - and with the majority of small business owners and marketers stuck in this mode, know that the timing has never been better for you to rise above the rest.

    Today's consumer - beaten, skeptical, or humbled by the economy - has new demands that must be met in order to earn the right to do business with them. Your marketing message may be no different than the messages of those who failed to meet these demands before - or worse - you may sound no different than the businesses who previously violated their trust.

    I've written about these demands in The Post-Recession Marketing Report (a $77 value), available as a free, instant download at and I invite you to grab a copy right now and to dialog with me if you like (don't miss the instructions in the report!) so we can have a level discussion on your marketing strategy's compliance.
    May you find success in multiples!
    Marc R. Enriquez

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