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    What are the best ways of marketing a website online?
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    Re: Marketing and Sales

    One of the best ways to market a website is article link building.
    Write a cool, helpful, or funny article, post it to 20 or 30 of the top article sites like and get high quality backlinks back to your website.
    The benefits from this are not only backlinks but people who read your article that find the information helpful to them!

    Good luck!

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      Re: Marketing and Sales

      Hi Restaurant Point of Sale,

      It really depends on your target market. First you have to ask yourself is my target market online? If so, where are they hanging out? Are they reading industry magazines, are they on forums, are they on social networks? Once you figure out that your target market online, one of the best thing you can do is start a SEO Campaign. SEO is all about increasing the visibility to your site. There is a lot that goes into SEO, so I won't go into detail here.

      People type in keyword that are relevant to your business into the search engines like google. So it's your job to help the search engines know what your website is about. In short, you cam write articles, blog, write online press releases, get submitted into local directories, engage in social media. And even do some offline marketing like Direct Mail, Teleseminars, Networking, Writing in Industry magazines, and the list goes on.

      The key is to find 1-2 strategies that resonate with you and pick them. Keep what works, Tweak it, Toss what doesn't. But most importantly, go to where your target market hangs out and you should see better results.

      To higher profits!
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        Re: Marketing and Sales

        Marketing to identify customer problems and produce or modify your product or service to solve those problems.
        Sales channel, products or services reach end users through.
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          Re: Marketing and Sales

          copywriting is the best way. Also, great search engine optimization can get you a great deal of new customers
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            Re: Marketing and Sales

            Marketing is everything that you do to reach and persuade prospects, The sales process is everything that you do to close the sale and get a signed agreement or contract,Both are necessities to the success of a business, You cannot do without either process,By strategically combining both efforts you will experience a successful amount of business growth, However, by the same token if the efforts are unbalanced it candetour your growth.


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              Re: Marketing and Sales

              It is very important to build links to your website. Also, pay-per-click campaigns and social network listings can help too. You should also advertise your website on all printed materials that you use to promote your business. Many web leads begin on paper, television spots, business cards etc.
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                Re: Marketing and Sales

                It just so happens, I recently wrote an article on this topic. I am going to re-produce it here in hopes that it is of some help...

                16 Ways I Promote My Website

                With billions of websites, how do I promote my website to help people find me? This is the question I hear most often from professionals and small business owners. It is a very important question. More than 85% of people looking for a business use internet search. Being found should be a top priority for every business.

                The question should actually be more specific. The correct question is: How do I promote my website in order to rank in the top ten results on the search engines?

                More than 60 billion searches are performed online every month. Only 3% of those searches click beyond page one of the search results. Now that Google (at least) is including live social search results as well, ranking in the top ten for a keyword is essential.

                How Do I Promote My Website to Rank on Page One?

                Effective website promotion requires a combination of tactics. You can either manage the campaigns yourself, hire a marketing firm to do everything for you, or you can work with various contract and freelance experts who will provide the expertise you need in various areas of your marketing plan. Only you can evaluate the balance between time and money: what do you have the time and knowledge to do and what can you afford to outsource.

                What are the Best Tactics to Promote My Website?

                Here are the tactics I use to promote my website and that I believe will serve you well in promoting yours.

                - A professionally-built and designed website

                - Keyword Research

                - Site SEO

                - PPC ads on search engines

                - Effective social media campaign, to build interest and to build incoming links to your site

                - Blog actively (and include lots of links to your site)

                - Internal site links

                - Content development plan

                - Article marketing

                - Media relations campaign and regular press releases

                - Submit your site to appropriate online directories and search engines

                - Optimal use of local search

                - Effective landing pages

                - A lead generation strategy

                - Lead management system

                - Create lead bait – write or create free items that people will sign up to receive.

                If you can learn how to do each of these tasks, or find someone who knows what they are doing, and you can weave these together into an integrated marketing and sales strategy – don’t forget sales – you will be well on your way to driving quality traffic to your site.
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                  Re: Marketing and Sales

                  The sales process is everything that you do to close the sale and get a signed agreement or contract,Both are necessities to the success of a business, You cannot do without either process,By strategically combining both efforts you will experience a successful amount of business growth. These all are great to know about it.
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                    Re: Marketing and Sales

                    Originally posted by Andylim View Post
                    What are the best ways of marketing a website online?
                    The best ways of marketing a website online is creating multiple pipelines of traffic. Each one of these needs to be focus depending the targe audience
                    the one simplest, the most common a possibly the most effective one is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. But Laso you can use, Affiliate Traffic ( I think is One of the Top Strategies), Community Marketing, Social Media, Obviously article marketing etc. It really depends more on your offer than your source of traffic. Without the first one you cant maximize your traffic.

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                      Re: Marketing and Sales

                      ppc pay per click is the best way online. this is paid search technique. ppc can be possible with google adwords, microsoft adcenter, social media ppc like face book.
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                        Re: Marketing and Sales

                        It is very important to create links to your website. Marketing is to identify needs, manufacture of products to meet those needs, giving customers know about this product, ensure the availability, motivation and customer buying the product.
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                          Re: Marketing and Sales

                          My personal experience is that creating the mechanism to collect names for an ongoing email marketing campaign is pure gold. Give people a reason to give you their email address, then build an ongoing relationship with them. There's a lot more to this strategy than I want to discuss now, but do research on list building and email marketing.
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                            Re: Marketing and Sales

                            Sales and Marketing are two sides of one coin. If you are a good marketer so you definitely could get good profits through sales. Build relationships with your customers is also necessary when you wants both things together. A company should hire good sales persons. Put shopping cart and do some online advertising become popular agenda of online marketing.


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                              Re: Marketing and Sales

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