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  • How it's important to your business??

    Advertising is important because people need to know about your business. Word of mouth is a very good form of advertising, but you have to have a high quality, cheap product and information to potential customers can be incomplete. Local advertising, such as a local newspaper or billboards is quite effective locally, but if your business grows you'll need radio and eventually TV advertising. Depending on how good your product is, you will be able to use different kinds of advertising: Annoying advertising- designed to simply annoy someone until they buy your product "to shut you up" is required in mass numbers to be effective. Amusing advertising: This usually has a positive impact on the customer, is memorable and is required to be in smaller numbers. However, this can lead to simply laughing about a product rather than buying it. Celebrity-led or otherwise informative advertising: This is required in medium numbers, and in the case of celebrities it can be very effective in certain segments of the market. Otherwise, if you have a good quality product and a slogan that will stick it can be effective anyway, though in TV or limited space advertising, it can be difficult to showcase your product properly, so a kind of full length video will be useful.

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