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How to attract customers?

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    Re: How to attract customers?

    you can attract customers by giving some discounts and vouchers to them. customer awareness is also important on the other side. with this advertising in newspaper is also very important.
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      Re: How to attract customers?

      One other think you should now, if you think your business has low visibility and you want to increase your business popularity and visibility than a good SEO consultancy can help you to increase your search engine position as well as drive better quality traffic to your site.
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        Re: How to attract customers?

        I guess every SEOer's aim is to attract more and more customers to buy things from the site. But how can you attract more customers?
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          Re: How to attract customers?

          Well, you seem to know what you are doing by posting on this thread.
          You are headed in the right way.
          Marketing is always important, the important question is whether or not it is lucrative.
          If you spend too much on marketing and have no turnover, then you are wasting your time.
          Always have attractive advertisements. Why pay to place an ugly image on a big billboard?
          Free advertisement is always good. Word of mouth is even better, so low prices and high quality service will always bring around more customers.
          Consistency is key. Staying in business longer allows customers to trust you more.
          Brand. Use a few colors, 2 - 4 colors for your business logo and design. It creates a brand and allows customers to remember your business more easily.

          Lots of things can be done with some research into marketing.
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            Re: How to attract customers?

            One of the best ways to attract customers is by sending them emails written in very professional way and also Newsletter which are good enough to attract customers.
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              Re: How to attract customers?

              quick response and solution in customer's benefit always attract your customer.
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