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List your best cold calling tips here!

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  • List your best cold calling tips here!

    I know there's a lot of small businesses out there where business development, and more specifically cold calling, is essential for their business.

    I'm just wondering if there are any marketing mavens out there that have any good cold calling tips to get past gate keepers, drum up more prospects and get to more decision makers.

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    1. Focus on your clients questions
    2. Plan your question in advance
    3. Know the best time for a call
    4. Don't attempt your sell in the first call


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      1.Prospect relaxed
      2.Don't Prospect during first meeting
      3.Plan your question in advance
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        1. Be a keen listener
        2. Be professional
        3. Helps to show the caller that you empathize with their situation and that you are ready to help them.


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          State that you are looking for somebody that is in charge of [subject], and if you call convenient to talk about [subject].
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            My Tips
            1. Personalize your emails
            2. Follow up is very important
            3. Do not sell in your first email
            4. Making it short and sweet
            5. Use compelling subjects