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  • Sales strategies

    You must have sales strategies in place to meet your targets. There are a range of strategies you can use, including how you will:
    • keep existing customers (e.g. a customer rewards program)
    • attract new customers (e.g. marketing and advertising)
    • sell more to existing customers (e.g. up-sell).

    A realistic sales target is often based on a strong marketing strategy. You can help your sales staff achieve their targets by generating qualified leads and brand awareness from your marketing activities

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    Hello Guru,

    Thanks for the Sharing Information


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      Hello Guru,

      Existing customers is key point of sales. if you learn strategies about account management then it will always help you for give you repeated business from your existing customers.

      Thanks for Sharing this Information.


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        Thank you for the great ideas OP! Most businesses fail in this area when it comes to keeping existing clients. You need to provide them consistent value for money and from time to time introduce reward programs meant to them stick by your for the long haul. You also need to strategy how to attract new clients and make them attract more customers on your behalf. You can encourage them to leave a good positive review after purchasing a service or product and this will go along way in creating brand awareness.