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Blogs as a Marketing Machine!!!

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  • Blogs as a Marketing Machine!!!

    There's no doubt about it - They are an extemely powerful medium for getting your message acrosss!

    I am going to start a Blog -- to Promote!!!

    So, any tips for me?

    PS: I would make this as a Complete Case study for you people

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    I would say if you are starting your own blog to basically keep updating it on a regular basis. Also watch out for spammers. Make sure all the comments you receive need to be approved first. Also if you can host the blog on your server using word press or something similar.
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      Re: Blogs as a Marketing Machine!!!

      I agree make sure you purchase some add ons if you use Wordpress or other popular blog software. Blogs are increasingly becoming easy targets for spammers.


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        Re: Blogs as a Marketing Machine!!!

        You really have to find a niche out there. There are so many bloggers online you have to find a topic that will appeal to a small but loyal audience. A blog on fishing may not get as many enthusiasts to your site as a blog on bass fishing. As always make sure you try to use great keywords in your blog to drive traffic to your site.