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Qualities of a good sales person

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  • Qualities of a good sales person

    What qualities do you look in a good sales person?

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    Re: Qualities of a good sales person

    We like to hire people with proven sales records. It is so easy to hire new people but we sell consulting services and we have a dedicated person who drums up business. It is helpful to have someone who has connections in the industry we focus on (financial). The person should be likable and have solid relationship management skills.


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      Re: Qualities of a good sales person

      Most people go for the James Bond type of sales person we go for Columbo. Someone who constantly questions and investigates to better understand the clients so they can provide a better solution.


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        Re: Qualities of a good sales person

        Sales person is most important in each and every field. There are many best qualities of sales person like Have communication skill, Listen to others, Have all information about this field, Establish Sales Goals, Learn something different and so on.
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          Re: Qualities of a good sales person

          Companies spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars training their sales people "how to sell?". but the more important question is, in fact a thousand times more important, no, a million times more important, no, a billion times more important is "WHY DO THEY BUY?"
          You see, if you figured this out, then you'd have no problems selling.
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            Re: Qualities of a good sales person

            integrity is the most important quality
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              Re: Qualities of a good sales person

              A good sales person should have a good and positive attitude. Sales is a tough business and if you don't have the right attitude it wont work. Sales people should also be outgoing and know how to interact with people. This means knowing when to listen to a customer to see what their needs and wants are. In addition a salesperson should know how to be persistent, as it takes quite a few people until you are able to make a sale.
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                Re: Qualities of a good sales person
                • Prompt
                • Hard working
                • Ethical
                • Always listening
                • Asking the right questions
                • Sincere
                • Creative
                • Full of empathy
                • Positive
                • Organized
                • Attentive to detail
                • Thoroughly prepared
                • Good humored
                • Focused
                • Resourceful
                • Informed about his products
                • Informed about his industry
                • Informed about his competitors
                • Thick skinned, resilient
                • Aggressive
                • Flexible
                • Quick thinking
                • Tough minded
                • Skilled in writing
                • Skilled in marketing


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                  Re: Qualities of a good sales person

                  I think it is important for a good sales person to have a thick skin and be quite resilient. When a deal falls over you need them to be able to get onto the next deal quickly.
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                    Re: Qualities of a good sales person

                    A good sales person must have a good personality,patience and ability to communicate.
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                      Re: Qualities of a good sales person

                      Someone who actually listens to what you are looking for, and doesn't go off on a wild tangent about what they think is best. Listening is the key. And taking a personal interest, so to say, in the customers. Not pushing them into something, but understanding and making good suggestions. Also, knowing what you’re talking about helps. Instead of being clueless about everything, and saying, "Well, 'I think' it's ok or blah blah blah whatever...." Make it seem like you know your stuff. And being polite, curious, and respectful is very important, as well as being friendly....i.e. a warm smile and hello, how are you today!!
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                        Re: Qualities of a good sales person

                        Fair, honest, well-versed in products
                        Ability to motivate team members to do their best
                        Sets obtainable goals for each sales person
                        Uses positive reinforcement
                        Loves to compete
                        Possesses strong selling skills which can be passed to others
                        Allows people to discover what they need to learn by making mistakes and solving their own problems


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                          Re: Qualities of a good sales person

                          In terms of priority, a salesperson is regarded as good if he has all these:

                          1. Honesty
                          2. Have Positive Attitude
                          3. Willing to work hard & Understand the need to have
                          4. Good Product Knowledge
                          5. Respect Customers
                          6. Professional
                          7. Proactive
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                            Re: Qualities of a good sales person

                            Qualities of a good sales person:

                            1. Avid and constant learners
                            2. competitive
                            3. don't see barriers, see opportunities
                            4. creative and willing to try new ideas
                            5. caring about others
                            6. flexible
                            7. consistent and follow through
                            8. ability to build solid high trust relationships.

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                              Re: Qualities of a good sales person

                              There are so many qualities of the good sales person, like to understand the customer wants, communicaton skills, patience and positive attitude is also one of the important aspect for the good sales person.
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