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Electronic Cigarettes

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  • Electronic Cigarettes

    Giving up cigarettes is certainly one of the most difficult things to accomplish and each year, thousands of people try and fail to kick the habit, as they attempt to completely stop smoking all at once. However, with many smokers having the habit for decades, giving up “cold turkey” is unrealistic and unlikely to work – but using electronic cigarettes to deal with the habit side of the addiction and also cut nicotine out of their system is a great way to go. Studies have consistently shown that many smokers light up out of habit, having become so used to having something in their hands, or going out for a cigarette at work at the same time each morning, and this is certainly difficult to put a stop to. By using electronic cigarettes, smokers can continue with this side of their habit but enjoy the health benefits of not smoking real cigarettes - the mix of water vapour and nicotine vapour in eletronic cigarettes is much less harmful and allows long-term smokers to kick the habit slowly but surely. Another bonus of electronic cigarettes is that they are exempt from current legislation banning smoking indoors. This allows smokers to use electronic cigarettes inside, reducing the need to head outside and leave their friends or family when enjoying an evening out. For those used to huddling beneath a pub awning in the cold winter, this is certainly one of the main benefits of electronic cigarettes. Even the most hardened smoker will admit the smell of cigarettes is unpleasant, but by using electronic cigarettes, those trying to quit can avoid making their clothing and hair smell of stale smoke. Unlike traditional cigarettes, the vapour in electronic cigarettes does not linger and also has absolutely no negative impact on people around who might be inhaling the vapour. While all these pluses may be enough to convince those trying to quit smoking that electronic cigarettes are a great buy, the cost benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes are often one of the key reasons people turn to them. Over a year, those who smoke 10 traditional cigarettes a day, at a cost of £6.50 per pack of 20, can save more than £760 by switching to electronic cigarettes.
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    Re: Electronic Cigarettes

    E-Cigarette is really good for all to helping to quite smoking easily and also good to avoid more risk of lung cancer because they without nicotine and smoke less, So e-cigarette is really good for you to quite smoking. I always want to quite smoking and i will done it for just E-cigarette.
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      Re: Electronic Cigarettes

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