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Thread: How to Open a Gift Shop??

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    How to Open a Gift Shop??

    Hello To Friends

    1)Research other gifts shops. Find out which ones make it and which ones don't. Analyze the successful ones for common traits that you can use when you open your own gift shop.
    2)Look for the ideal location which will play a big part in your success. Of course, you have to consider your finances as well.
    3)Analyze your potential customers. You need to know your market in order to know what items to buy that will appeal to them and that will sell in your gift shop.
    4)Buy inventory. You may be able to get the inventory at a discount if you buy from a gift shop that is going out of business. The savings you create from that may give you the money you need to get that prime location.
    5)Learn basic bookkeeping. You need to be able to keep accurate records for you gift shop for tax purposes as well as knowing how you are doing financially every day.
    6)Decide on the hours for your gift shop and whether you can afford to hire help. It may be best at the beginning not to have hired help, because this money could be better spent on inventory.

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    There are several things to consider when starting a gift shop. First, you need to develop a concept. Do you want to go with the traditional and run a gift shop selling traditional items like candles and display figurines? Alternatively, do you prefer a gift shop that is more theme specific? What do you want your gift shop to specialize in? What do you want your gift shop to be known for? Focus on a theme that you are fond of. If you are partial to novelty items then make novelty items the specialty of your store.Look for possible sources for your inventory. This is the fun part. You can join trade fairs or get in touch with the manufactures to see what they’re offering. The internet is also a good venue since a lot of small manufacturers display their items on the web.Be careful in choosing what range of goods to sell for this is the most vital aspect of any gift shop. To be effective, your products must be rare and special that customers will be hard pressed to find elsewhere. This will keep you from having to deal with competition.Another thing to consider is location. You must choose a place that complements the type of inventory you have.You must look for a storefront space that is highly visible and is easily accessible. Ensure that the location has a high amount of foot traffic. Also, see to it that the economy in the area is stable, if not flourishing. As a rule, people tend to be more generous when they have extra money to spare.


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    If we want to start Gift shop then firstlly we need money for investment then secondly join trade fair show near local city and get touch to manufactures to see what they are offering with discount price .third one is to do marketing on internet because now a day all people are surfing internet so this is very good way to get good business .

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    Shops as in stores now and days i think are obsolete. What you really need is a gift shop website. Create a shopping cart and what not and go with that.

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    Re: How to Open a Gift Shop??

    How about online gift shopping? I think it is a great way to find the perfect gifts for all occasions.
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    Re: How to Open a Gift Shop??

    Try for a online gift shop... that is great concept for your gift shop...
    from that you can analysize that which type of gifts inquiry you get more...

  7. Re: How to Open a Gift Shop??

    Focus on advertising. This is critical, if you are going to have a successful start-up. If you can come up with a fun promotion for your grand opening, including newspaper ads, giveaway baskets or other perks, you will get people buzzing with excitement. Once you get your customers in the door, keep them coming back with great customer service and product lines.
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    Re: How to Open a Gift Shop??

    you could save on fixed costs by converting your flower ship to an online flower shop taking your sales on to cyberspace! then, maybe when it grows , you can consider getting it on physical locations

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    If think for start a gift shop first we need money for investment then secondly join trade fair show near local city and get touch to manufactures to see what they are offering with discount price

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    You have to keep things according to the locality.
    You cant sell expensive goods in cheap area.
    Make changes according to the occasions and festivals. Like Christmas, New Year, Eid etc.

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