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Thread: importance of internet

  1. importance of internet

    A simple click of a button and your connected to the world. It has become today’s emblem of both entertainment and information yet unfortunately like most inventions, the internet has been manipulated and exploited to serve harmful purposes.
    1. The advantages of the internet are:

    A) Provides unlimited up-to-date information.
    a) Through various websites.
    b) Through automaticly programs.

    B) Erases the distance between people
    a) Through e-mails
    b) Voice chat
    c) The web camera

    C) Provides entertainment for all ages
    a) different games
    b) comic websites
    c) chatting

    D) There are also few disadvantages:
    a) Exposing people to harmful scenes through prevented websites
    1) parent guide
    2) security system

    B) Distracting children from their studies:
    a) Games
    1) give limit time for playing
    2) guidness of the parents
    b) Exploring internet

    c) Chatting
    1) cut the chatting programs

    To conclude, the internet is a fasunating phenomenon that has taken the world by storm and despite the few disadvantages , it however remains today’s number one universal interest.

    Reading and keep sharing

  2. Re: importance of internet

    Internet is a daily need for us and no work can be done easily without the help of the internet and there would be no communication.Well i can't think about my life without internet. I am totally blind without internet. I used to do my all work on internet.

  3. Re: importance of internet

    After the WTC attacks, the Internet played a key role in keeping communication going, performing as an efficient and stable network for thousands of effected workers in lower Manhattan when desk phones and cell phones had failed.

    Unlike a telephone call, which requires a direct circuit connection between two telephone sets, data sent over the Internet consists of discrete packets that can follow different channels in a sequence over time and rejoin at the final destination, in a process known as packet switching.

  4. Re: importance of internet

    Important of internet is as below :

    1) It provides update information anytime.
    2) You can stay touch with the world from anywhere.
    3) You can get any information any time.
    4) Provides entertainment like games,chatting etc.
    5) good for online business.
    6) Provide email facility.
    7) Indirectly reduce distance between people.

  5. Re: importance of internet

    The two most notable importance that i believe makes life better are:
    1)access to large amount of information on almost any topic you can think of.
    2)communication-people can connect to each other and collabrate using email,chatting,social networks like facebook etc and forums like this one.

  6. Re: importance of internet

    Yes, all we are knowing mainly due to search engines like Google and Yahoo.

    Google and Yahoo have giving me so many thing to understand internet in details.

  7. Re: importance of internet

    The Internet is a fast, easy, convenient way to let my mission, research and social networking sites to get more friends .. I have a lot of use of the Internet .. the fact that, in a key, you can almost have it all . To meet your problem.

  8. Re: importance of internet

    The Internet is a fast, simple and convenient for my work methods, research and social networking sites let me get more friends .. .. Internet has many uses to the fact that in one key, you can almost have it all. Internet can change a normal life. We can increase our network, whether personal or professional.

  9. Re: importance of internet

    importance of internet is as below.

    Provides unlimited up-to-date information.
    Through various websites.
    Through automatically programs.
    Good for on line business.
    Provide email facility.
    You can stay touch with the world from anywhere.

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    Re: importance of internet

    Hello Friends,

    The Internet has served as the universal language of the virtual world since the beginning of the digital era. The Internet can be described as a global system of computer networks that use the standardised Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol and are usually interconnected. The creation of the Internet started during the time-sharing of several well-known computers in the middle of the 19th century. As the technology for Internet progressed and its presence widened, it eventually became popular due to a number of almost endless capabilities it can offer, including electronic mail systems, information distribution, file sharing, multimedia streaming service and online social networking. The Internet has significantly served billions of people around the world.
    The advantages of the Internet definitely outweigh its disadvantages. Some of the great benefits of the Internet over other communication networks are its global presence, easy accessibility and wide-scale communication. Since the presence of the Internet can be found almost everywhere across the world, you will not have any problem accessing it. Apart from the presence and accessibility issues, the Internet greatly offers rapid communication on a global scale. It even delivers an integrated multimedia entertainment that any other mass medium cannot offer.
    Since the Internet has become a part of the popular culture and our lives, it has been widely considered as a necessity especially in this millennial age. The boundless communication it provides makes the Internet an important medium of communication. Whether you like it or not, the Internet will always be here to stay.


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