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Thread: Use variety of Anchor Text

  1. Use variety of Anchor Text

    First and foremost thing about the same anchor text usage is – it looks badly unnatural – Perhaps you aren’t aware but on using the same anchor text again and again for a long time may get you bad ranking and if things get still worse, you may even be sandboxed.

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    Re: Use variety of Anchor Text

    Please show some example?

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    The best way to use a variety of anchor texts in your SEO campaign is to target your deep links. Target the deep links using different keywords and unique content to create the perfect landing pages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sofiaisabella View Post
    Please show some example?
    When some one is naturally linking you than its impossible that they all will link you with same anchor text. So to make your link building activity look like natural you should not generate backlink using same anchor text else search engine can suspect that all being generated to gain basically SEO benefits.

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    Thanks that's great advice,

    Because chances are that not all prospects will respond the same to the same 'Buzz Words'.
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    Re: Use variety of Anchor Text

    One has to keep updating info in the net so that it gets ranked. One has to keep changing data in the anchor text that is the keywords. Sandbox do not happen in reality.

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    Re: Use variety of Anchor Text

    all you have to do is mix up your keywords in your link building efforts. see which keywords need attention and work on that for a week. then the next week move on to a different keyword/phrase

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    Re: Use variety of Anchor Text

    Anchor text usually gives the user relevant descriptive or contextual information about the content of the link's destination. The anchor text may or may not be related to the actual text of the URL of the link. For example, a hyperlink to the English-language Wikipedia's homepage might take this form:

    <a href="">Wikipedia</a>

    The anchor text in this example is "Wikipedia"; the unwieldy URL displays on the web page as Wikipedia, contributing to clean, easy-to-read text.

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