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Thread: Finders Fees

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    Finders Fees

    Does anyone know what the industry average for finders fees is?

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    Re: Finders Fees

    I do not know what the industry fees are but here are ours;

    - 20% if the other party has closed and we just have to be introduced to start the work

    - 10% if an introduction has been made but you have to close the sale

    -Thank you or small gift for a cold lead

    I hope that this helps

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    Re: Finders Fees

    I charge 25% if I bring the client to the table and help close it. Other than that I do not refer clients.

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    Some companies pay $1500 for referrals for Senior SAP consultants. You should try for more than $500, except perhaps for Junior SAP Consultants. SAP Trainers may not get you as much as $1500, try $1000.

    Companies may pay recruiters 30% of the first year salary for a placement. A serious recruiter should cut you in for a part of that percentage.
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    Re: Finders Fees

    Finders Fees for Making Connections with Consultants

    Pinpoint Resources, Inc. is a consulting resource firm that connects client organizations with highly experienced independent Organizational Development, Training and Performance, and Human Resource professionals for a variety of business improvement initiatives. At Pinpoint Resources, our mission is to provide the valuable link between companies in search of flexible resources with specialized competencies, and highly skilled independent consultants.

    At Pinpoint Resources, we pride ourselves on building a trustful and mutually beneficial bond between us and our consultants. With that thought in mind, we have developed a finders fee program to reward you for all consultant or project referrals you send to our company.

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    It really depends on your industry. In general, around 20% is typical but of course it depends on the industry and the actual find.

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    consulting help you find the destination

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    Hello Everyone
    Here are seven tips to help you make your fortune in finder's fees.
    1. A finder simply introduces a buyer to a seller for a fee. He does not become involved in the sales process and is not an agent acting on behalf of the seller.
    2. The best areas to earn finder's fees are those in which you already have expertise and interest. For example, if you are an expert on airplanes and have connections in the aviation industry, you could earn finder's fees finding suitable planes for those needing them.
    3. Protect yourself with written contracts. Also, document all efforts you have made to earn your finder's fee.
    4. You can earn finder's fees in many areas including equipment (used or new), equipment leasing, finding locations for franchises or vending, scarce materials,
    commodities, financing, et cetera.
    5. Connections are the inventory of a finder. You are being paid to find something of value by someone who doesn't know where (or doesn't have the time) to find it. Your knowledge of where and who to get something from is invaluable information that people are willing to pay for.

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    I think it depends on the time and effort you spent on the project, or the 'find'.
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    I don't complete idea about this but i have experience 2 years before. That time the rate is 18 per cent . This time i don't know what they are charging. Thanks for sharing

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